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Nov 14

The Era of Brain Technologies by Dr. Ned Sahin

DR. NED SAHIN is a neuroscientist and neurotechnology entrepreneur. He hold degrees in neuroscience from Williams College (BA), MIT…

Dec 05

Women and We Men

When we talk about “Pinay Pride,” the most admirable and topnotch women in the country come to mind. To honor and celebrate womanhood, FPLA is setting the stage for outstanding Filipinas.

FEB 27

The Musicality of Faith

The Musicality of Faith begins FPLA’s Executive Talks for the year as food for the soul. What more can be rehumanizing than invigorating spirituality in the workplace? Find peace of mind and greater spirituality by listening to words of wisdom and songs of grace. Join the conversation with our thought leaders in music and learn how making melodies enlightens and empowers.


2015 Corporate Series

FPLA intends to provide training grounds for the development of any manager’s ability to lead and innovate. These programs are painstakingly crafted by FPLA’s pool of subject matter experts and are based on industry-best practices.

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The Spirit of Music

It’s often said that singing praise is praying twice. For many people, faith and the serene sounds of music are inherently intertwined; from the holy chanting of Gregorian Monks, to the worship music that is increasingly popular today. A sense of euphoria can at times be felt by those listening to music, or induced in moments of intense religious...

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Wonder Women

It’s not often you get to watch a live birth during an academic forum, but the attendees of the December 5 Executive Talk entitled “Women and We Men” were lucky enough to witness the miracle of life. Robin Lim, who was conferred CNN’s 2011 Hero of the Year award for her work with helping thousands

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